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Custom Modification

We specialize in custom modification of your limos and funeral coaches; cost effective compared to the purchase of new vehicle. When it comes to adding a vehicle to your fleet that will remain unrivaled and get you and your clients noticed, WolfLimo has a robust variety to choose from. All of our vehicles are built completely custom, to any extent of your desires, from stunning interiors to detailed accessories. Affordable, cutting-edge designs by visionary and company founder, Wolfgang Schulze are all you'll need to propel your business to the next level. We also build to suit for film and production industry work.

Funeral Coaches

Our intention is to establish a successful working relationship with your funeral home. Our company realizes that we must be an asset to your stellar reputation, and dedication to your local communities and families in need. We modernize your existing funeral coach; Cadillac or Lincoln (any model); Elegantly upgraded; Cost effective (74% savings, compared to the purchase of a newer vehicle!) When it comes to your funeral fleet, clients of the deceased expect new vehicles to be part of their memorializing time. As you know, most of your coaches have very low mileage, along with a pristine interior. The only giveaway to its age is the older model/body style of the exterior.


Whether you are new to the limousine industry, or are just starting out, Wolf Limo can offer you a multitude of solutions to fit any taste, budget or particular need. From our timeless classic conversions, to our fully custom limousines, we have a vehicle for you. We offer clients a classic, regal limousine with the ultimate in comfort and convenience, a step above the competition by adding a sleek, one-of-a-kind head-turner fit for royalty. Cutting-edge designs paired with intuitive service and affordability makes a partnership with Wolf Limo what your company needs to become your area's industry leader.

Mechanical REpair

We also repair mechanical problems as well as body issues. We do repairs of funeral coaches and limousines. We repair body, electrical, fuel systems. We do paint jobs, vinyl roofs, all body work, fiberglass repair, modifications, corrosion treatment. Any interior modifications, repair, new upholstery carpets, headliners, side window installations, mechanical work. We have pick up and delivery service. Make your vehicle shine for years to come. Quick turn around.

Convert your fleet into the totally redesigned 2020 look

or to the never going out of style Xcalibur . Don't lose sleep over new vehicle payments and take advantage of this opportunity to turn your vehicles into a competitive fleet.

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