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Setting yourself apart from your competition is easy with our affordable upgrade options and minimal downtime, and with service excellence being at the forefront of our business, a partnership with WolfLimo is a winning combination for you. Our many years of experience in designing and building exotic cars, limousines and specialty vehicles allows us to build and provide you with products that have been meticulously designed and perfected. Any custom request can be met and created specifically for you. All of our products are finished with precision artistry.
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When it comes to you funeral fleet,clients of the deceased expect new vehicles to be a part of their memorializing time. As you know most of your coaches have very low mileage, along with a pristine interior. The only giveaway to its age is the older model/body style of the exterior

Wolf Limo Conversions understands this and provides you with a beautifully enhanced-Modernized Exterior Body Conversion. Simple put, we use your existing funeral coach, then apply our exclusive exterior conversion process with precision artistry. Once completed, your older transport will then sparkle as a late-model gem!
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Save up to 85%
by updating your existing fleet
against the expense of a new vehicle

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Convert your fleet into the totally redesigned 2020 look

or to the never going out of style Xcalibur . Don't lose sleep over new vehicle payments and take advantage of this opportunity to turn your vehicles into a competitive fleet.

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We have a state of the art fleet of striking limos and speciality cars that make you stand out with classiness and elegance.
Highly Economical
High quality car service and professional transportation service at the most economical rates in town is our promise.
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No hidden surprises with us. Your all-inclusive price for car service rate is your final fare and is what you pay.
We believe in providing good quality services to our clients. We dedicate ourselves to exceed your expectations.
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